Health is the proper relationship the microcosm, which is man

and the macrocosm, which is the universe. Disease is a disruption of this relationship. Dr. Yeshe Donden, Physician to the Dalai Lama

Father Forgive Them

The Prayers of Jesus

Jesus modeled the life of Christ. He left us with his prayers that we may pray them earnestly, commune with them thereby allowing them to transform us.  This was his gift and promise to us. It is why he came.  

I Am the Way, I AM the Life. Follow Me. 
Be my disciple and you will know yourself as Christ the beloved, begotten only of God. 
All that I do, you will likewise do.1   

Let us use the Spirit of these prayers to awaken the Christ within us. Let the Second Coming be a global event, a global awakening of the Christ within.   We honor Him by being like Him, extending to others the same hope, charity and love. We honor Him by offering ourselves to be used as instruments of peace, dedicated to justice, forgiveness and healing. We accept the grandeur of being a Christ by modeling the life he lived. 

 I Am the Way. I Am the Life. I came that all may have life and have it abundantly. 
My peace I leave unto you. 
I will not rest until my Kingdom is established on all corners of Earth. 
This is My Kingdom. This is a planet of peace and a planet at peace.1

Father Forgive Them

Father forgive them is a prayer for the Kingdom. 
Father forgive them. Restore to them memory of who they are, what they are
Restore to them memory of In Whom they dwell
That we may all live together as brother and sister
This is the prayer of the Christ
Only the intent to bless, heal and unite will restore peace in the Kingdom.

Father forgive them is a prayer for healing, unity and peace.
It is a recognition we live in shared space. My forgiveness and blessing heals the space around me and between us. An unwillingness to forgive is an act of stinginess because it is a refusal to give that which results in healing. It blocks healing at both personal and collective levels.  To pray for anything other than unconditioned healing of all concerned is essentially asking that the dysfunction continue. 

The prayer for forgiveness and healing is in no way a denial of the atrocity occurring.  
Quite the contrary in fact, it sees the problem and also recognizes that it will continue to grow until healed. Forgiveness dissolves the walls of division that allow greed, hadtred and bloodshed in the first place. 

Forgiveness is always justified because it opens the door to healing. Only in healing can the madness stop. The world cannot be healed, cannot be made whole, without healing. 
Lack of forgiveness not only blocks healing but contributes to the on-going madness by maintaining core errors of division and separation.

Father forgive them is a prayer for their healing. It is also a prayer for our own right mind. 

It is a prayer of offering up our wounds and perceptions so that they no longer block our ability to come together peacefully.   Wounds we do not offer up become justifications for continued violence, division and injustice. We choose to offer up our wounds as evidence of what happens in separation. This must come with a genuine willingness to have the separation healed, not only the wound.  Choosing to forgive, pray and work toward healing for all people heals our wounds and heals the separation that led to them. Then healing of wounds then becomes the impetus behind the drive for peace, the drive for justice born of love, the drive for healing both victim and victimizer. Our drive comes from desire to heal wounds rather than take revenge for them, thereby causing more.

Father forgive them. Remove from them anything blocking their healing. 
Shower upon them all they need to heal.
Give to them all they need to remember themselves as the Beloved of God.1

This is not only a prayer for them. It is a prayer for us.  This is a powerful prayer for personal and collective protection and healing. It is a prayer that we not lose our identity to the traumas of life. It is a prayer we not lose our own memory of ourselves or of their true identity as loved by God. If we lose memory of who and what they are, then we have been infected by the same virus of mind that infected them and thereby need help ourselves.  To hold anyone or anything outside this prayer is the “anti-christ” which will wage war in our own shared space. 

Father forgive them is a prayer for them. 
It is a prayer for us.
It must be offered by us.
When this prayer comes from us, it will come to us.1

This prayer is the great liberator forever freeing humanity from the grips of those who use pain and fear to divide. This healing prayer purifies everything it touches. We are the ones gifted speech to speak the Word of God and restore peace to this Kingdom.

May we come together to offer the prayer
Offer the prayer of the One who came to free us
By reminding us ……We are Christ
One human family, begotten of God
We will indeed know Christ as risen when we allow Christ to arise in usType your paragraph here.