Eastern View of Healing

The body has an inborn and profound capacity to heal itself.  As such,  the therapies offered in this clinic are designed to be supportive of health, rather than going to war with symptoms. The human body is designed to move toward health, harmony and balance. Healing is a natural byproduct of free flowing energy, balanced thoughts and emotions, diet, exercise and rest.

 The purpose of treatment is not to "fix".  Rather, it is to learn to listen and trust the body's own processes, to increase body-mind awareness and to appreciate and honor the connection between the body and emotions. The purpose of treatment is to support the body-mind and give it the space and safety to release that which is blocking the natural healing process. Additionally, these therapies help us reintegrate parts of our energy systems which may have been splintered or compartmentalized from the whole due to physical, emotional pains, traumas, injuries or "dis-ease" states. 

This philosophy is common in many healing traditions including Chinese Medicine.  I refer to this underlying philosophy and "technique" as Tao Healing. It is a unique synthesis of the many systems I have studied and forms the basis of all sessions in this office. Other modalities may be added as needed or requested. These modalities include Acupuncture, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Yoga and Meditation. 

Eastern philosophy as it applies in Chinese Medicine and 5 Element Theory is inherently wholistic, meaning there is no part of our lives that is not considered important, causal in maintaining our health, be it personal or collective.  We cannot separate a person from their diet, sleep, emotions or thoughts. Interpersonal relationships are important and impact our health. Our personal health is intimately connected to that of our larger eco-system, our planet. This medicine looks at the whole person, their personality and relationships,  diet and exercise, spirituality and creative expression.  Literally everything about you can be used to diagnose and treat, or better yet prevent minor problems from manifesting into serious illness.  Every part of your life is both reflecting and impacting the harmony or disharmony of the whole.
This is a deep and rich philosophy. Layered in meaning, it takes years to master. It’s wisdom is profound, its application endless. I encourage you to use this information as a stepping-stone for deeper exploration and your journey of healing and transformation. 

Health is the proper relationship the microcosm, which is man

and the macrocosm, which is the universe. Disease is a disruption of this relationship. Dr. Yeshe Donden, Physician to the Dalai Lama