Loving-Kindness Meditation -  Prayer for Earth’s Leadership

On this our country’s birthday may we remember the many dreams that gave rise to the Declaration of Independence. May we allow the dreams that have carried us this far to take flight in us so that we may be the voice of beauty, safety and freedom for all people. May we remember the words of the  Declaration of Independence were inspired, layered with meanings to guide us in our day. These inspired words were powerfully influenced by the wisdom of the Iroquois Nation.  They seeded a dream that one day, we as humans, may use our Power to govern the Beauty Way…. We are now the keepers of these dreams. We are the framers of our constitution in our modern day.

The Guard for our future security spoken of in our Declaration of Independence is not limited to election of new leaders. It is allegiance to a paradigm of interconnection and of high moral compass. It  is allegiance to the interdependent nature of life and to a paradigm of love made manifest such that peace and equality may spread across earth.

The political bonds we must now sever are with any paradigm that separates us from each other or from the Earth we live upon. For life itself rests upon the laws of nature and we must live in accordance with her ways. We are in fact children of a living cosmos and our governance must reflect what we have learned thus far. We are stewards not only of our constitution but also of the body of knowledge that has emerged across earth. Our station upon earth requires we continually adjust our modes of governance to assure we are in alignment with emerging interdisciplinary understandings of the nature of life  and of the planet we live upon. In this our safety, happiness and freedom are protected for ourselves and for generations to come.

May we remember that the Presidents Office of this country and of all countries has a Spiritual Signature that will draw unto it persons of High Consciousness. May those currently in positions of power who are not in alignment with this vision be peacefully removed from office and may they receive healing to open their hearts and minds, for they too are children of God and of Earth.

May we envision an earth united in peace
May we envision leadership that honors all people and traditions of Earth
May we envision leadership that honors both spirituality and science
May we envision an economy that serves only life. 
May this vision be so grand that citizens and leaders across Earth join hands and transform the worlds of  finance, education, media, entertainment and healthcare to serve only this aim.

For our Mother Earth  - Gaia Sophia…. 
May we use Our Station On Earth to assure your safety and beauty,  knowing we  receive as we give.
May your grounds be held sacred
May your waters run clean
May your air be clear so that we may observe the beauty in your skies 
May all obstacles to your health and beauty be removed
May peace reign upon you, in all lands and between all cultures

May we as humans remember our sacred covenant to protect your beauty
May people everywhere tenderly care for this Garden we call Earth
May our care include each being who walks upon earth, human and animal; plant and mineral
May we stand  as united citizens of Earth and live in accordance with this prayer.
For we…the  Rainbow colored people and traditions of Earth… We are the Guardians of Eden.

Copyright 2017 Sarah E. Firmage. Written July 2, 2017 . All rights reserved. No part of this may be reproduced in any form without prior permission of this author. Contact information is posted on this site.

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Health is the proper relationship the microcosm, which is man

and the macrocosm, which is the universe. Disease is a disruption of this relationship. Dr. Yeshe Donden, Physician to the Dalai Lama