Health is the proper relationship the microcosm, which is man

and the macrocosm, which is the universe. Disease is a disruption of this relationship. Dr. Yeshe Donden, Physician to the Dalai Lama

                                                                         The Restoration

The Restoration, which is often referred to in the LDS religion, is an on-going process of restoring truths that humankind lost in the so-called fall.

The "fall" was a lowering of consciousness and falling into forgetfulness of being literal sons and daughters of God. The Restoration is an on-going process of restoring to us an awareness that we are one with our Creator.  Each one us is able to communicate with God, with I AM. Each one of us is able to receive answers to our deepest questions. Each one of us is loved unconditionally regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

This process of awakening does not require prophets but it does use them. True prophets are merely advanced teachers who come to teach us core spiritual truths. Good teachers will inspire and instruct their students by teaching them how to hear their own inner guidance. Good teachers encourage their students to trust that guidance, hence breaking reliance on outer authority. These students then become teachers themselves, thus demonstrating the way to true empowerment. 

Mistaken teachers and prophets are those that get in their own way, get lost in their own blind spots.  They then believe their ability to communicate with God means others are to follow them, that their’s is the only true religion and required to get to heaven. No human being is infallible and to believe otherwise is naive and robs us of personal choice and responsibility. It puts us at risk of losing the ability to discern truth from falsehood. Prophets are also human, capable of blind spots and mistakes. When we fail to recognize this fundamental truth then leaders and churches with great truths become victims and victimizers resulting from their own blind spots. We see this in Mormonism with their current stance on marriage equality and the children of same gender couples.

Good teachers lead with love and inclusion, not fear and exclusion. Good teachers attract good students. Good students ask tough, hard, penetrating questions. This awakens in the student discernment, intelligence, right use of mind and ability to Follow The Way without getting lost in any one way. Students asking sincere questions, born of active minds and loving hearts, give to their teachers a gift by helping to light their way, that they not get lost in their own shadow side. Thus teacher and student awaken and return to God together.

There are many paths to God, to full awakening. All good paths share common teachings of unity, compassion, peace, equality, fairness and forgiveness... with all people, with all of nature. These are the fundamental truths underlying the worlds major traditions of Christianity, Buddhism, Taosim, Islam and Earth centered religions.  It is in these truths we find our unity, our common humanity and our common divinity. The coming together of the 10 tribes is people re-uniting around universal truths while also honoring the rich variety and diversity of custom and culture. Like a rainbow each color comes from the same white light. 

When we are in a state forgetfulness it is as if each individualized color in the rainbow believes it has the only way to God.  The "10 tribes" became lost in separation because of different language and custom. We forgot how to communicate with one another. We forgot we all came from the same white light who delights in expressing itself in variety of color and custom.  

Rainbows are symbols of our connection to God in cultures from around the world. This is no mistake. It is a promise of our unity with God. It is promise of the unity of God, for everything and everyone is united within God. It is also a reminder to not separate over color and tradition. It is a reminder to not separate around gender or sexual orientation. It is a reminder we are in covenant relationship to Earth and her ecosystem. It is a reminder to not separate spirituality and science. It is a reminder to not separate, to not divide, period. No one is left out, no one is left behind, no one is excluded from the field of love that unites us in common brotherhood and sisterhood. The field of love is inclusive and affirms the fundamental equality and divinity of all beings.  In order to claim the promise  of the rainbow we must grow circles of friendship that celebrate the rainbow colored people, traditions and cultures.

When we awaken from our forgetfulness and accept our restored awareness of our Creators plan then we fulfill prophecy by no longer destroying ourselves, each other or our beloved planet.  Only then will there be peace on earth. When we honor that God speaks to people in all manner of ways, giving the same message of peace, unity and fundamental equality then we will recognize we are not enemy but friend. We will ourselves fulfill prophecy by coming together at the table already prepared for us and we will break bread together as friends, as family.  Together we will restore heaven on earth. For this has always been and will forever be our birthright. 

The Rainbow Colored Children of Earth…… We are the Guardians of Eden.

Copyright: Sarah E. Firmage. Written Spring 2014. No part of this essay may be used in any form without prior written permission by this author.